Is Nepal Open To Tourism Now?

Against the COVId Vaccinated

Yes, tourism in Nepal officially resumed from 22nd September 2021 after a board meeting of the Nepal Government. Nepal’s tourism did not close during the Corona virus Covid-19 pandemic, but international flights were limited and tourists had to follow strict Covid protocols. Nepal did not escape the pandemic and thankfully the infection and death rates were not high. The Nepal Government had two strong lockdowns and prepared well to provide treatment and vaccine to the public. Nepal received many vaccines from other countries as donations and some were bought by the Government. This helped keep the infection and death rates quite low. Tourism has now resumed, but tourists need to follow some rules. If they have been double vaccinated and have a negative PCR test, then they can freely visit their planned destination. If they have not had the vaccine, then they must quarantine for 10 days in a designated hotel after arrival in Nepal. Then on day 11, they must provide a negative PCR test to be allowed to go and do their planned program. Most Nepalese people have had the vaccine and it is the Government’s priority to ensure the owners and workers within the tourism sectors are also vaccinated. Priority was also given to all healthcare and industry workers. The pandemic was mostly in urban areas and not in the rural area and tourism is now safe. Thankfully the infection and death rates are much reduced now.

Is it safe to travel in Nepal during the Corona virus COVID-19 period?

Yes, as stated above, Nepal is a country that is very much less affected now. Now everything has opened in Nepal, such as shops, banks, restaurants, bars, schools and hospitals, along with industry and tourism. We can make a very safe, successful and responsible trip that you desire. We warmly welcome you to Nepal, to plan and to visit this most natural and cultured country. It will make your trip to this Himalayan country very refreshing after the monotony caused by the Corona virus Covid-19 pandemic.

Did the staff of your company get vaccinated?

Yes, the staff of Unique Nepal Adventure Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. as Managing Director, tour guides, porters, cooks and Sherpa’s are all fully vaccinated. The Nepal Government gave us first priority to have the vaccine. We are so proud of our Government.

You should prepare before your travel

  1. If you are fully vaccinated 14 days before you travel, you can easily obtain an arrival visa at the airport or entry border and then you can easily do your program.
  2. You should bring the negative PCR test report, completed 72 hours before you travel.
  3. If you are fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test report, then there is no need to quarantine in a hotel.
  4. If you are not vaccinated, you can obtain a visa on arrival, but you are then required to quarantine for 10 days in a designated hotel. Then on day 11 you need to take a PCR test. If the result is negative, you are then allowed to do your program in Nepal.

You should bring with you these documents in case you are asked to show at an airport.

  1. A fully vaccinated report.
  2. A negative PCR test report.
  3. Travel insurance.
  4. Flight details.
  5. If you are not vaccinated, you should bring the booking details of your stay at a designated hotel for 10 days.
  6. If you are not vaccinated, you need to request for a recommendation letter and you must carry this with you at all times.
  7. You need to fill in the CCMC form, to provide your personal details. Click on the link and fill in your details. After you have clicked on the submit button, download or print out the Barcode. This will be handy as most airports check before boarding.

We are very kind and supportive and if you have any confusion, please feel free to ask and we will help you. If you are vaccinated and have a negative PCR test, then you can easily follow your desired program. If you are not vaccinated, then please let us know and we will help confirm your designated hotel booking for 10 days and then you can have a very good, safe and successful program.

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