Michael Capendale

Michael Capendale

My experience with Unique Nepal Adventure Treks & Expedition Pvt Ltd.

So where to begin? After sending my first email to Jaya and promptly receiving friendly and helpful feedback I was assured that I had chosen the right travel agency. Corresponding with Jaya was easy and he added the professional touch. After organising my travels with his guidance I departed from South Africa and after a long journey, it was so good to be welcomed in a traditional Nepali manner by a very friendly guide, Jaya. I stayed in Blue Mountain Homestay in Kathmandu for 2 nights before leaving to Pokhara. The accommodation was very good and I had a very pleasant stay. Jaya arranged me to transport and a guide, Laxman, to Pokhara from where we would depart to our trekking destination. I never felt unorganised or unsafe. Everything was planned very professionally and we experienced no problems. During the trek, I was accompanied by Laxman. He was a really pleasant person and it was good to have him by my side. The trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp was spectacular. During the 10 days of trekking, I was spoilt with good food, good accommodation and even better company. We had very good weather and the highlights of the trek Were Poon Hill, the base camp and the hot springs. My guide, Laxman, provided me with an excellent service and taught me some Nepali language and more about the mountains and surrounding areas. After our trekking expedition, Laxman invited me to stay in his home in Chitwan (an area in Nepal). This was truly a special experience. His brother accompanied me to the national game reserve where we did an elephant safari. Laxman’s family made me feel right at home and spoilt me with good food and shared many of their traditions with me. During the last night of my stay in Chitwan, Laxman’s mother did me the honour of blessing me in a Buddhist fashion and after we feasted on fresh goat’s meat and Dahl bath. Back in Kathmandu, I lodged in the Blue Mountain Homestay. Once again I had a very pleasant stay and it was reassuring to know that my personal belongings were safe while I explored Thamel and the magnificent temples and scenery. Here Jaya took care of me and transported me on his motorbike to my chosen destinations. He taught me a lot and I am very thankful that he was around to help me understand the ins and outs of this beautiful country, Nepal. During the last day of my visit, Jaya treated me by taking me to a local woman’s volleyball match which was a good ending to a really good experience. Not once did I encounter any problems during my 18-day adventure in Nepal and I would recommend Unique Nepal Adventure Treks & Expedition to anyone who is interested in exploring the cultures, trekking and people of Nepal.

Thank you, Jaya and Laxman for giving me a full Nepali experience

Michael Capendale

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